General terms

1) All registrations must be made electronically and are binding.
2) You are considered registered when you sign up for courses via our website, with a customer advisor or at a fixed sales point.
3) When registering via the website, you have a 14-day cancellation period. When registering via the website for courses that start sooner than 14 days from the order date, this right to cancel the course is voided.
4) 10% of the course fee is retained as a non-refundable registration fee.
5) Unless otherwise stated in the course description, expenses for books, materials and any examination/term fee, are in addition to the course fee.
6) The purchase is subject to the terms applicable at the time the contract was entered into.
7) The entire course fee must be paid before the course starts. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, you must pay this before the course starts regardless of the due date. Exceptions are made if the invoice is addressed to a company. For companies the usual 14-day due date applies regardless of the start date of the course.
8) We reserve the right to use debt collection agents if the amount is not paid by the due date after reminders have been sent.
9) In case of late payment, a late fee shall apply, together with any late payment interest, calculated at 9.50% per year.
10) Any claims for discounts must be made at the time of registration. It is not possible to apply a coupon or discount code after the order is placed.
11) An “hour” or “lesson” is 45 minutes of instruction. Breaks are included in the lesson, unless otherwise stated.
12) Course participants must at all times familiarise themselves and comply with the instructions and information handed out, sent by email, or otherwise made public.

Group courses

1) Group courses are defined as courses with 3 or more participants.
2) If the course is a combination of classroom instruction and online learning, access to the online learning will follow the course period, and end no later than the last day of course.
3) The participant undertakes to bring the necessary course materials to each lesson.
4) Course certificates are only issued to participants who have completed 70% or more of the course.
5) There will be a fee for issuing a new certificate (copy).

6) Termination must be made in writing to at least 7 days before the course starts. It is not enough to notify the teacher. Termination by phone, voicemail or sms will not be accepted either.
7) If the termination is submitted within the deadline, the course fee is refundable. The part of the course fee that counts as the registration fee will not be refunded.
8) After the deadline for termination has passed, we can only accept terminations in the case of documented illness, or a serious and unforeseen event (force majeure), which makes it impossible to start or finish the course. We will need a written request stating the reasons, with the documentation attached. In such cases, the course fee must be paid up until we receive your request and application fee.
9) If you fail to turn up for the course, you must still pay the course fee, as this is not regarded as valid termination.
10) We reserve the right to demand payment of the course fee if the participant has not followed the above termination procedure.

Cancellation and Provisos
11) Each course is subject to an adequate number of participants.
12) If there are too few applicants, participants will be invited to attend the course with a reduced number of lessons or to attend a similar group at a time different from that they were originally signed up for. You can also be transferred to a similar course in a later course period. The participant must agree to the changes orally or in writing.
13) If Lingu cancels the course the participant is signed up for, the participant is entitled to have the full amount refunded/credited within 14 days.
14) Cancellation due to illness of the instructor is limited to 5% of the instruction hours, rounded up to whole hours. Lessons cancelled over and above this will be refunded to participants or postponed to a later date, but within 14 days after the last original course day.

Waiting List and Late Registration
15) There may be a waiting list if a course is fully booked.
16) People on the waiting list may be offered a place at short notice by telephone or email with a short reply deadline. Termination of these places after the course start will not be accepted.
17) We accept registration after the course start if 80% or more of the course period remains. The course fee is reduced accordingly. Termination of such a course place will not be accepted.

Transfer of a Course Place
18) You can apply in writing to transfer your place to one of the upcoming course periods. Applications must be submitted via email to
19) If your application to transfer is approved, you will have to pay a new registration fee for the new course.
20) The application deadline is 7 days before the course starts and we reserve the right to reject applications received after the deadline.
21) A course place may only be transferred once, and the course start for the next course cannot be more than 3 months after the original course start.

Private lessons

1) Private lessons are defined as courses with one or two participants.
2) Registration can only be done by private individuals. Invoices can only be issued in the private individual’s name.
3) Business customers must sign a separate agreement, and corporate rates shall apply. This is sent to the participant or to the company’s contact person by email. The agreement shall be signed by a competent person and returned by email before the start of the course.
4) Booked lessons must be completed within 6, 9 or 12 months from the order date, depending on the package chosen. Individual lessons and test sessions must be taken within one month. Expired lessons are not refundable.
5) It is the customer’s responsibility to find the time to complete the booked lessons.
6) Cancellation of a scheduled lesson must be made no later than the last business day before the day of instruction, and a minimum of 24 hours beforehand. In case of cancellation after this deadline, or if the participant fails to attend the lesson, the lesson(s) will be considered as completed and will be charged/debited accordingly.
7) Cancellation must be submitted in writing or orally to the teacher for that relevant class.
8) The paid course fees may only be refunded to course participants if the course is cancelled for reasons for which Lingu can be held responsible.

Online courses

1) Online courses are defined as licences and/or access to synchronous or asynchronous distance learning or learning software.
2) The access key to the product is personal. It is strictly forbidden to share access keys with others. In case of abuse or suspected abuse, the licence and access can be suspended without notice.
3) A licence with a given duration cannot be reduced or shortened.
4) The licence period is renewed automatically if the product is listed as a subscription or membership. A renewal payment confirmation and invoice will be sent after each renewal.
5) Cancellation of the subscription must be made online by logging in to Account page. A subscription cancellation will not take effect for previous renewals, only future renewals.
6) Online courses with guidance lessons or virtual classroom are regarded as one product, and come with the licence to the online course. Unused guidance lessons will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to other users.
7) After the order is registered, you will receive an email with log-in details to the service.
8) The product is considered to be delivered when the log-in details have been used.
9) The 14-day cancellation period only applies if the access keys have not been used. The cancellation right will become void if the customer has logged into the product. The customer may, however, apply for a refund in writing if he/she has used the product only to a very slight extent. The application will be considered on a discretionary basis, and the decision is final.
10) If the customer has not used the access keys, the cancellation period will apply for the usual 14 days from the date of purchase. After 14 days it will not be possible to withdraw from or cancel purchase.
11) If the purchase is cancelled within the cancellation period, the paid course fee will be refunded minus the application fee.