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Bente Pettersbakken

Bente Pettersbakken
My name is Bente Pettersbakken, I am living at Eina, Toten, and am mum to a great teenage girl. My work experience is as a salesman, as an educator throughout primary school, both public and private, and now in adult education. In addition to this, I am working both as an employee and as a self- employed person in art, culture and teaching, and also as a substitute language educator here at Lingu. My professional background is to be a teacher with specialization in music, Norwegian language and literature and pedagogy. In September 2020, I completed a master´s degree in adapted education. “In this master's thesis in Adapted education at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Axel Honneth's theory of recognition and violation is the driving force and theoretical grounding to illuminate on the research question: How is an appreciative education for adult immigrants sought in the light of the introduction act, proposal for a 1new law on integration and experimental curriculum for adult immigrants? The research question has been investigated qualitatively. An analysis of documents based on a hermeneutic approach both as method and theory. Honneth's theory of recognition for a theoretical foundation, for a critical analysis of society's angle and tasks in order to be able to take care of adult immigrants in an appreciative way in education. My findings show that the intention with the purposes of the documents can be seen as appreciative. One can nevertheless find that public documents have the potential for improvement in relation to the wording and concepts used. Some concepts such as foreigner, can be perceived as marginalizing and therefore offensive, which, based on the intention of the legislation, works against its own purpose. Successive governance documents should be part of contemporary societal and value debates. This is to strive for the goal of an appreciative education.” (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, 2020, Pettersbakken Bente).